The Math Behind People

If you don’t know the outcome, it’s not Math—it’s gambling.

Our natural desire is to gather like ants. That’s why all our technologies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are evolving towards a centralization of thought, sound, and appearance. Cooperation is in our DNA and equilibrium is the siren song of our necessities… But if our oxygen is consensus instead of principle and our carbon dioxide is legalism instead of morality, then we have no choice but to sabotage our own lives by competing like humans because our purpose (relationships) will be in conflict with our practice (individualism). That’s why we’re stuck wrestling to censor and arrest the crime-filled bodies of our very own creations, our technological children, in both the figurative and literal sense, leading us to mediate against our own thoughts and sequester our desires from our feelings.

Dear critics:

Math is only a ‘platitude’ to those who hear the abstraction of principle without the application of experience, who arrogantly dismiss substance through the pretense of authority alone. Chastising us for not including an authoritative citation reveals an elitist view of knowledge. Rejection without justification is a chronic disease that cripples man’s mind, undermining his credibility. We could point to the historical incompetence of institutionalized thinking from credentialed experts that scoffed at the likes of Einstein, but if such academic charades still exist today, then we’re really dealing with a systemic, poisonous ideology not just infecting one individual but society at large. Currently, free speech and critical thinking are being censored in our historical pantheons of so-called higher learning. But the truth, especially in its purest mathematical form, is never afraid of a dissenting opinion. 1 + 1 will always equal 2 even under the harshest scrutiny.

What men see determines what they do. Seeking to destruct already tenuous relationships instead of construct much needed insight into the human condition, laboring to deny suspicious ideas instead of affirming principled convictions means that men are experiencing a paralyzing amount of options instead of a resolving to find the absolute common denominator of ‘direction’. Thus, we’ve become legalistic naysayers instead of mathematical soothsayers offering ignorant posturing instead of insightful criticism, preferring to hide behind our complaints instead of risking the guaranteed humiliation of exploring the cathartic jungle of experimentation.

We invite you to go beyond what you know into the realm of what you need.

The Human Equation

thoughts are effects not causes. that’s why thoughts can’t exist without the stimulus to feed them. thoughts will die without motivation to be. and relationships are the engine generating this incentive; man lives, works, and breathes solely for companionship. that’s why loneliness kills. literally. it’s the stealthiest of assassins.

In order for us to be enemies, at least one of us has to be lying.

Remember that.

Carve that into your being. It will save your life one day.

All the wisdom in the world is contained within lost people because they’re the only ones looking for direction.

numbers represent the ultimate form of expression. one cannot deny what two know. 

Cause & Effect never sleep. 

what you believe says something about you….why you believe it says something about me…. in other words, what you believe is the effect and why you believe it is the cause.

what you believe reveals your motive. why you believe it reveals my motive.

1 + 1 = 3 .

you’re wrong = i’m a bad teacher.

1 + 1 = 2 .

you’re right = i’m a good teacher.

what you believe is the lock. why you believe it is the key. when they are placed together, all of Society is revealed.

if you fundamentally understand a thing’s purpose…

( purpose = design )

…then you understand a thing’s behavior.

Function is the ultimate metagame strategy and Efficiency is the ultimate metagame result.

you want to know what your purpose is? just look at what you are designed to do.

do you randomly love things? or do you specifically love things that you believe deserve your love?

specificity is the first step towards math. human restriction is the first reaction to universal limitation. Math is the skill of applying restriction to create order. and the ultimate form of human restriction is called a relationship. in other words, math reveals the relationship between all things.

specificity removes hiding places; the closer you get to specific, the clearer the relationship becomes. which is exactly why people prefer relativity to specificity. it’s less humiliating to be relatively right than specifically wrong.

two cannot deny the existence of love. but one can deny it’s source. two cannot deny experience, but one can haggle over stimulus.

the stronger of the 2 axioms? the one that cannot be denied is stronger than the one that can be proven.

Math is not based on what any one man can prove. Math is solely based upon what all men cannot deny.

What no man can deny is what all men fear.

proof = effort.

fact = comfort.

when we’re young, we trust anything that causes us pleasure; this is the effect of proof. when we’re old, we only trust that which grants us relief; this is the effect of fact.

we always rest where we trust because our trust is a symptom of our rest. we cannot have one condition without the other condition present as well.

effort isn’t rest. effort isn’t relief; there is no relief in struggle.

to be a cause is to StRuggLe!

to be a result is to relax…

the goal of Math is to remove all words, all options, all possibilities, until there is only one thing left—direction.

Math is never neutral. math always results in one specific direction, one specific course of action. Math reveals the perfect understanding through numbers alone because there is no possibility of miscommunication or error by relying exclusively on exact meaning. numbers are the only thing without fault and without error. numbers are the only thing that can never be a lie or tell a lie. numbers are, in and of themselves, the only pure thing in the universe. one number can never be another number.

1 is not 2.

2 is not 1.

all numbers are unique in scope and in name, identifying each unique effect on the human equation.

because numbers allow meaning to exist independent of any cultural context, they represent universal limitation. just as gravity limits the earth, numbers limit your behavior. they are designed to restrict you like your own skin functionally restricts your organs. like love exclusively restricts your heart. like gravity constantly restricts your body. like sunlight perpetually restricts death from occurring.


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