Hero to zero

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Hero to zero

Post by Bunny Boy » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:15 pm

Post the events that got you from a happy kid to a boring fuck you are now. What affected you to become boring should be on this list.
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Re: Hero to zero

Post by Bunny Boy » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:16 pm

* embarrassed about my first girlfriend Vanja at age 5; parents making jokes
"I love you, do you love me?"
Didn't believe the answer

* pollen allergy at age 6

* lonely as a kid
I threw up after playing football with brothers, I was running so hard cause I finally had someone to play with

* horrible acne at high school

* nose bleeding a lot; once I got in the hospital, I thought I was gonna die
father fainted once while my nose was bleeding, I thought he was gonna die "Don't die dad, I need you!"

* Parents got divorced. I tried to make them stay together and failed
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Re: Hero to zero

Post by Eurofag » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:52 pm

My dad was and still is an alcoholic and he never thought me how to stand up for myself when i got
into physical conflicts, let alone verbal conflicts. I learned to be passive as fuck.

Small of (3-6) broke my hand, and ever since then i am terrified of heights but i think it spill in
other parts of my life, for ex: i am terrified of bugs and i panic when i see them on me and im also
a germaphobe.

1st grade i remember seeing this beautiful blonde girl that i hand weird feelings for her. Obviously
i was sexually attracted to her but i have nobody to guide me through the whole process.

6'th grade i've seen this dude kissing the hot bitch that i had a secret crush on her and i got very
fkn gelous because the whole class was "wooooing them" and i thought that i had no chance in hell
with her afterwards.

7 or 8'th grade i got assaulted by this dude who thought that i did something evil to the same girl
that i had a crush on. He basically white-knighted on her behalf over something that it wasn't even
my fault

13 years old i started fapping and no other male in my life guide me through my puberty
made me feel like im the only piece of shit who's abnormal for my over-sexual reactions.

Throughout years i got robed a lot to the point where i developed habits like having some change to
give them to get them off my back.

At 16 or so this bitch on a street mocked my walking as me "walking like a robot" and she had 3
white knights forcing a laughter at my expense.

At 17 for the 1st time i got introduced to psychology and i obsessed over it for years to come,
because i thought it would solve my problems, because the idea of the psychology is that it teaches
people how other people operate.

At 18 i discovered PUA and at 19 i started applying it and i had the worst rejections ever.

At 21 i remember for the 1st time that i felt suicidal because of my mom nagging me and shaming me for not having a purpose in my life
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Re: Hero to zero

Post by DancesWithButtHurt » Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:29 pm

Got rejected in pre-school by the first girl I ever tried to pursue. I asked her if she wanted to be my friend and she said no.

I cried once because the whole class laughed at me in 3rd grade when I put my bag on close to the end of the day ready to go home and wasn’t paying attention to everyone sitting next to the teacher still waiting to get released to go home. She put me on the spot and had everyone laugh at me.

Grandfather died at age 12, and I cried the most of everyone in my family. I remember wanting so much to be like him, because he was a mean tough guy in his younger years who lifted a lot of weights, beat people up, and never got messed with because he was known as the strongest and toughest guy in his village. He was someone I wish my dad taught me to become, but my dad was nothing like him.

Got fat and picked on in Jr. high, always getting extorted for my lunch money. Begged my dad to let me take martial arts. He never taught me to stand up for myself and wasn’t motivated to sign me up. He wanted me to stay in Boy Scouts instead.

Fell in love with my first crush at age 13. She dated me for a week because she was my friend who felt sorry for me. We hugged and held hands once, that’s it. Then she dumped me. Her friend told me that she dumped me because I was ugly.

Got my ass kicked sophomore year by a bigger Samoan guy I tried to defend myself against in high school who took a ring away from me that I was holding for my 15 year old girlfriend.

Got put in the friend zone by a girl I had the biggest crush on in high school. Her boyfriend and all his friends embarrassed me yelling “whooped” and “fag” one morning I was walking with her.

My dad was giving my friends a ride home from football practice and I felt embarrassed and ashamed because he kept calling me stupid in front of them.

Horrible acne, age 15-18. Girl was checking me out from afar once then moved closer to get a better look at me. She looked up at my forehead that was really bad at the time, then turned away and I heard her mutter the word “ugly” to her friend.

Went on a Mormon mission at age 19-21. Started feeling suicidal for my fear of social situations I was forced to put myself into as a missionary. I would literally break out sweating bullets every time I had to talk to someone. They put me on social anxiety anti-depressants and adderall because I was afraid to talk to people and couldn't pay attention in conversations.

Got jumped and nearly stabbed at a bar by an ex-boyfriend (and his friend) of a girl I went on a first date with at 21.

Lost my virginity at age 26 to my first girlfriend I met on myspace. Got dumped by her at age 27, because she moved out and found another man.

Found Manhood Academy in 2008.

Met my second girlfriend I had sex with at 28. She was a girl I was afraid to talk to at the fight gym. Professor helped me get her. Got dumped, drama broke loose, felt ostracized by everyone at the fight gym. Lost a fight in front of her and my BJJ instructor whom she was secretly cheating on me with. He was my corner man and just I couldn’t focus, knowing what was going on between them. Could not listen to him and see her watching me at the same time. I was kicking my opponent’s ass in the first and second round, then just gave up and lost it all in the third round, seeing her face and hearing my instructors voice (who I felt didn’t really care about me) as the last thing in that fight before the guy took me down and pounded me till the fight ended and my face looked like a bloody pulp.

Left the fight gym and the Manhood academy in 2010.

Met my 4th girlfriend who was in the Navy, who became my first fiancé, who cheated on me and dumped me on valentines 2013.

Came back to the Academy in 2015, got butt hurt, then left two months later..

Got a girl I met on Tinder pregnant in Malaysia, who got an abortion.

Recently rejected for sex in my last 3 failed dates by girls who thought I was a loser.

Came back to the Academy.
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