What and why: so easy, yet so difficult!

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What and why: so easy, yet so difficult!

Post by Brianjames » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:35 pm

In the book you say that saying what you believe is basically saying what another is DOING TO YOU... I don’t get that because, It’s easy to repeat back to someone what they are doing. So if I want a girl I just walk up to her and just recite what she’s doing like a narrator? And then I say why??? Like hey girl your ummm your walking this way. Then I say why... your walking this way because...(how her words and actions affect me) umm I really wanna follow you...because your hot?? Can’t you see I don’t get this shit?

Saying what I believe...

So what the hell do I do? Just say what they are doing to me? For example... Hey dad I see that you are just walking into the kitchen, and now...your making breakfast... he’s really not doing anything to me...but shit I’ll try to say it if it cures our relationship...now I have to say why?? I don’t fucking know. Oh wait here’s why (HOW YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS AFFECT ME).... okay, I’m happy to see you and now I’m hungry....

Is that really it??

Can’t be.
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Re: What and why: so easy, yet so difficult!

Post by math » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:23 pm

we'll cover this next class.
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