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Q&A #1!

Post by math » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:07 pm

I have a question about the idea I heard in one of the flugen podcasts where you said that everyone in the country should be required to spend a couple of years in the military. Apparently, that is supposed to build "maturity" or something by making people responsible for other people. I have some doubts about how much this will really change society. For example, some of the guys I know that have been in the military don't seem masculine or responsible at all compared to average men. My step-dad, in particular, is unwilling to spank or control his kids (aged 11, 10, and 8), despite having been a Marine. He just repeats himself fifty times over until he has to yell angrily. Then they reluctantly do what he asks only half of the time. My first question is:

(Q1): How do you know that military training, or law enforcement, will discipline young men? After all, the military, like society in general, is more feminized than ever. Women are in high military positions, and there have even been efforts to put women in special forces groups. This seems insane to me. Would you guys think that a military like this could be relied on to mature men or would it have to grow its balls back first? I'm just not sure. Have you seen enough evidence of guys becoming responsible this way to make you so confident?

My other concern is with women in military and law enforcement. Are those really the best places to send them for years? Shouldn't women be learning skills more typical to what they will need to be doing like homemaking? I've come up with a proposal of my own. Tell me if it sounds stupid or not.

(Q2): Why don't we send women to take care of orphans for a couple years? The government could give them some kids and some cash and tell them to spend it on food, clothes, company, and cleaning of the orphanage. Then a government official, an equivalent for the drill instructor, could daily (or semi-weekly or whatever) check that she is doing everything right. This way women could learn the best skills that suit them and orphaned children could get more care like they need. If we do this along with sending men into the military then each societal group, men, women, and children would get the help or skills they need.

I'd love to hear what you guys think! You have great podcasts!

People Math #10.. and Q&A #1!
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