Rest in peace Prof

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Rest in peace Prof

Post by duckface » Sun Nov 14, 2021 7:21 pm

Hi, im flugen, i helped professsor with the backend of this website and I own the domain that is how the website is still up. Prof is no longer around because in january 2020 he passed away.

I am keeping the website up as a memory and for students coming back here because I notice there is some visitors now and then. The ebook is on here too (you can access it from the landingpage). Some students are still meeting for classes.

If you are trying to make an account on this site, unfortunately I have turned off the registration because of spam. If you want an account to write something on here or get in touch with someone you got to know here, email me at and I will set up an account for you. I am quite slow to reply but I’ll get back to you within X of businessdays.

Rest in peace.
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