Slither reimagined

Slither secret knowledge of the ancient ones
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Slither reimagined

Post by math » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:10 am

You have given too much power to the smaller snakes and too little power to the larger snakes. The larger the snake grows, the greater his field of view should expand. This will balance evenly against the quick maneuverability of the smaller snakes. Presently, the larger snake's view is too limited, allowing the smaller snakes to gain an unfair advantage.

Smaller snakes need their boost ability restricted to their size, meaning we either a) need less food on the map or b) snake size should deplete much sooner and require more food to maintain. Otherwise you are just incentivizing the smaller worms to suicide bomb at the larger worms, hoping to quickly grow without much effort because if they fail they know they will just respawn at the same size, so there is little risk for them, and great reward if they succeed. I know because I do this all the time.

The unique design of slither allows you to play a quick game of checkers or an intriguing game of chess. The chess element is lacking because boosting is over-encouraged and few players ever really learn the value of developing correct position--the very thing that allows pros to make the leaderboard in just a few mins. or less.

Also, the pros play in the middle to prove their skill. Skill should be rewarded. Scores should be based on the area of the map that you play in with the outer area getting the least amount of points, middle increasing points, and the center area getting the most amount of points. Shading these areas with 3 different corresponding colors will accomplish this. This will discourage snakes from hiding up north on the map instead of fighting in the middle when they get bigger to protect their position on the leaderboard. This will result in the leaderboard reflecting skill instead of merely high point totals as it currently stands.

All dark colors (black, silver, dark blue, etc.), all camouflage colors (anything with stripes or modulating colors like the British skin), and white (since it acts as camouflage when food is present) should be eliminated. They give players an unfair advantage. Or better yet, just tag all the colors and make the dark and camouflage ones "novice", make white "advanced", and the bright colored ones "expert". Also tag those who make the leaderboards to indicate their level. This will bring integrity back to the ranking system, which should acknowledge skill not just dot-farming for hours in remote locations on the map so slackers can receive an undeserved self-esteem boost when they see their name on the leader board. The leaderboard should acknowlege the ability to strategize. It shouldn't reward players who depend on hiding through the use of unscrupulous camouflage.

Likewise the map zoom cheat extension needs to be blocked as it ruins the game for newer players who haven't developed enough skill to beat these unscrupulous players.

Those who want to improve their play should not be focusing on an artificial self-esteem boost. They should be working on developing basic abilities. This also has the added benefit of changing the nature of the game, from a rage-inducing competitive fight into a fun gaming experience akin to wrestling on the lawn. Point totals and name recognition interfere with that goal. To solve this problem add a toggle switch to turn on/off viewing the leaderboard. Turn the game into a social experience instead of a contest and you'll increase its overall value.

There is also a glitch where captured snakes from inside a circle are able to overlap the outside snake that captured them. This needs to be fixed so the captured snake is always underneath.

Lastly, there needs a to be a way to play in the same IP as a friend. Currently, only the cheat extensions allow this which is also encouraging the cheating.
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