the finish line

Slither secret knowledge of the ancient ones
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the finish line

Post by math » Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:26 am

I finally realized why my first algorithm sounded correct but was really wrong. "if you can't fit, don't go" sounds really good on paper, but it's fundamentally wrong because it still ignores the dynamic nature of the game. If you can't fit, don't go is not just for one particular situation. It's for every single movement you make in slither. It's the single goal in slither that makes you mathematically unbeatable. currently testing algorithm.

How to eat points correctly: amateurs eat the dots. Professionals defend against death. The Elite plan their attack. But the master does all three at once. Every move should simultaneously eat-defend-attack.
Do not separate the three effects for when you do, you are immediately in the wrong position and you can no longer win.

Every position must be correct. If there's risk involved, it's not Math.
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